Female TV Host Fired While Performing Live On-Air For Wearing “Inappropriate” Dress

Female TV Host Fired While Performing Live On-Air For Wearing “Inappropriate” Dress

State-run TV-channel in Kuwait fired a female show host because allegedly viewers complained about her outfit.

According to Amal Al-Awedhi, 29, she was live and on air when the controllers ordered to stop the broadcast and fire her immediately. Apparently, viewers have been complaining about Al-Awadhi’s dress on Twitter, saying that it was inappropriate for Ramadan.

Al-Awadhi was hosting a game show on the Kuwait Television channel, which is run by the Kuwaiti government. She took it to Snapchat later to explain that she heard someone saying: “Take Amal Al Awadhi off air now, or I’ll shut down the channel”.

The person that was making the demand was a government official, and it came after many viewers complained about the host’s outfit (even though it has not been yet confirmed as the cause).

Al-Awadhi is baffled as to why would anyone take offense of her outfit, as she was wearing a cream-colored knee-length dress with trumped sleeves.

She added:

‘Because my show was airing during Ramadan, I was extra cautious about not going against any of our traditions, I took care of what I wore and how I spoke,’

Al-Awadhi also works as an actress and she has not been told why she was fired.

Many people criticized her, although there were people who defended her choice of clothing.


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