Fertility Doctor Fathered More Than 49 Children By Using His Own Semen Instead Of Donor’s

Fertility Doctor Fathered More Than 49 Children By Using His Own Semen Instead Of Donor’s

Jan Karbaat, a Dutch fertility doctor that lost his life in 2017, aged 89, used his own male liquids to illegally father at least 49 children, according to DNA results.

Instead of using semen from a chosen doctor at his clinic in Bijdorp, Rotterdam, Karbaat used his own one to impregnate women.

The DNA tests were conducted a few days ago, and they confirmed that 49 children are direct descendants of him.

Defence for Children, an organization that represents parents and children born through the now-closed clinic said that the results confirm that Karbaat is their dad.

Before he lost his life, it has been claimed that the doctor admitted that he was the father of around 60 children at the clinic that closed in 2009 after there have been reports of irregularities.

A court ruled that the results of the DNA tests should be made available to parents and children, and most of the children are now in their thirties.

One of the children, named Joey, told Dutch broadcaster NOS that he could finally close that chapter of his life now that he knew the true identity of his father.

The man added that he can now continue his life after a search of 11 years, and he is glad that he finally has clarity.

Iara de Witte, adviser for Defence for Children, told Sky News that the judge placed the interest of the child above the right to privacy of Mr. Karbaat and his family.

The descendants can now start processing the fact that they have many siblings.

Karbaat was first taken to court back in 2017 by a group of donor children and their parents after one of the cases involved a child that physically resembled the doctor, who referred to himself as “the pioneer in the field of fertilization”.


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