Fitness Blogger Told To Leave Gym For Showing “Too Much Skin” While Working Out

Fitness Blogger Told To Leave Gym For Showing “Too Much Skin” While Working Out

Gabi Goddard is a 27-year-old fitness blogger from Hornsby, Sydney, who was left to leave a gym after her cycling shorts and sports bra were deemed “too revealing” by a school teacher.

As reported by Daily Mail, the young woman was working out when she was approached by a staff member of the gym who asked her to go home and change into different clothes if she wanted to finish her workout. Apparently, a teacher was chaperoning a group of teenage students at the gym at the moment, and he was concerned that the students were “seeing too much skin”.

Goddard decided to share her horrifying experience on her Instagram story, and she added that it was a very hot day in a gym without air conditioning. She wrote a complaint and emailed it to the principal of the school where the teacher worked, arguing that he had no right to interfere in what women choose to wear.
She wrote in the email that she’s horrified that their school has sway over the clothing choices of an independent adult woman, and is perpetuating the values that are demonstrably harmful.

“Namely that we live in a world where 14-year-old boys are given priority over women. Where women are punished for boy’s and men’s propensity for objectifying women.” – the email further reads.

The 27-year-old powerlifter added that she’s a paying client of the gym, and she doesn’t understand why the school’s membership has “more influence” than hers. She also noted that she has worn the outfit at countless other gyms, and never received a single complaint.
Numerous Instagrammers expressed their outrage after the email was reshared on popular feminist pages, and many wrote that this stuff drives them crazy.

Ms. Goddard has since switched gyms.


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