Flight Attendant Spotted “Disheveled” Girl With A Well-Dressed Man, And instantly “Knew Something Was Wrong”

Flight Attendant Spotted “Disheveled” Girl With A Well-Dressed Man, And instantly “Knew Something Was Wrong”

Would you step up if you knew something bad is about to happen or is happening at the moment? Even if you are not sure if your assumptions are true, but have the intuition that something’s wrong, would you act?

This amazing flight attendant did exactly that! A teenage girl who was human trafficked was saved thanks to her.

The girl that looked like she had not been taken well care for was together in a place with an older guy who was well dressed.

Shelia Fredrick had the feeling that something’s off with them because they seemed really odd together. She knew that they are travelling together, but they were not at all natural and the way they interacted with each other was very wrong.

The flight attendant said that the man looked well dressed, but the girl looked very untidy.

When she tried to talk to them, the guy closed down the conversation very quickly.

It looked like the girl is scared of the man, and the flight attendant had to be really careful with handling the situation.

Frederick wrote a note in the bathroom, and then signalled the girl to use the bathroom. The girl wrote that she needed help on the note.
The flight attendant alerted the pilot of the situation, who then contacted the airport, and the police were waiting for the man and the girl the moment they touched the ground.

The man was put into custody and the girl was returned with the family, thankful to the flight attendant that maybe literally saved her life.
Modern-day flight attendants are trained to notice some things that are not usual, like this one. Frederick believes that those trainings can help with human trafficking and can save many girls like the girl with the well-dressed man.

She was a flight attendant for 10 years before the situation with the man and the girl, and when she saw them, she immediately remembered the training she had.

The flight attendant and the girl are still in contact, and the girl is now doing really well at college.


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