Florida People Have Never Heard Of “Social Distancing”, Apparently

Florida People Have Never Heard Of “Social Distancing”, Apparently

Every single human being on the planet should practice what “social distancing” means, and for those of you that still aren’t PLEASE SOCIAL DISTANCE YOURSELF!
Social distancing means avoiding unnecessary contact with people, which means no trains, no handshakes, no social gatherings, and keeping your distance of about 6-feet away from others.
The White House issued a statement to avoid social gatherings with more than 10 people yesterday, and cities across the country have closed down bars, restaurants, and gyms.

Nonetheless, one place in Florida was still absolutely packed on Monday. Well, you probably guessed it: It’s Clearwater Beach.

It’s as if these people have no idea we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, and the warnings from the CDC didn’t stop them from their Spring Break plans.
Check out this clip from WFLA News showing a very packed Clearwater Beach.

After the clips gained attention, the City of Clearwater has decided to close “Spring Break Camps”.

However, that STILL didn’t stop people from going on other beaches in Florida, like in Destin or New Smyrna Beach.

The point is: Stop going to the beach!


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