Free Medical Clinic Opened Up In Ohio Mosque For People Without Healthcare

Free Medical Clinic Opened Up In Ohio Mosque For People Without Healthcare

Going to the doctor is a big deal for Americans, especially for the millions of them who can’t afford to have a health insurance. With healthcare costs in the U.S., many people choose to simply not go to the doctor’s and get medical help even if they needed, simply because they can’t afford it.

That harsh reality is what made the Islamic Center of Cleveland to transform one of their storage spaces into a free medical clinic. Yes, you read that right – FREE clinic: no fees, no copays, and no insurance requests.

The Cleveland Ibn Sina Clinic is open on weekends and it’s completely free for people of all backgrounds and religions. The only cost patients pay is the cost of any prescriptions they might need, if they need it.

20 Muslim doctors from around northeast Ohio run the clinic, and they are volunteering there on a rotating basis.

The hospital itself runs through donations and fundraising, and the medical care provided comes from 20 doctors who are volunteering there.

Dr. Mansoor Ahmed told News 5 Cleveland that they have the ability, the potential, and the resources, so giving a little bit of their time goes a long way in making a difference in people’s lives.

Hala Sanyurah, the clinic’s communications and public relations director said that the clinic a way for doctors in the Muslim community to give back.

Sanyurah added that a lot of the doctors came to the U.S. from foreign countries looking for better opportunities, and now that they have established, they want to come back and give back to the community.

The clinic also provides mental health and chronic illness care as well, besides primary care. The one thing that most uninsured Americans struggle with are ongoing medical issues, like asthma, diabetes, or mental illness, and they will also be covered at the Cleveland Ibn Sina Clinic.

The ultimate goal is every person that needs medical help to be able to get it, and Dr. Ahmed emphasized that even though the clinic is mainly run by Muslims, people of all religions and cultural backgrounds are invited to use it.

He told News 5 that doctors learn in medicine that sickness and disease affect every human being, so they don’t ask their patients from which part of the world they’re from when they put their stethoscope on them.

The clinic has been operating for a few weeks now, and it has already helped over 30 patients.
An open house ceremony is planned for March 27.

Kudos to the Islamic Center of Cleveland and the Muslim community of Ohio for making this happen!


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