Gay Dad And Adopted Gay Son Have VERY Candid Conversation During ‘Truth or Drink’ Game On-Air

Gay Dad And Adopted Gay Son Have VERY Candid Conversation During ‘Truth or Drink’ Game On-Air

One gay dad and his adopted gay son have won the hearts of the internet after they opened up about their private lives during a ‘truth or drink’ game, and the dad even gave some adult advice to his son.

Craig and his son Austin were asking each other a series of personal questions in a video while playing the game ‘Truth or Drink’. As a part of the game, the two had to drink if they refused to answer the question.
Austin was asked if Craig was a good parent, and he answered that he’s very happy and able to be his true self thanks to his upbringing.

The young man revealed that his biological mom was an addict who never really accepted him, even though he was ‘noticeably gay from a very young age’. He shared that his biological parents were very hateful towards him. Thankfully, he was taken away from his biological parents and adopted by Craig and his partner at the age of 13.

The dad shared that it was hard for them to get Austin to talk to them about personal things, and it took him almost a year and a half before he would even talk to them. He eventually started to trust them, and he started blooming into a ‘beautiful, amazing, artistic creature’.

The heartwarming vide was a mix of funny and heartfelt moments that highlighted the strong bond between the father and the son.

The young man then admitted that he’s been intimate with a guy who was in his 50s.

The two had a very candid conversation while on-air. For example, they asked each other about the ‘queerest’ things they do, and it all concluded into an open conversation between two adults.

Craig even had some adult advice to offer his son, and they opened up about their experiences as gay men and the times when they ‘had to hide their queerness’. Check out the video for yourself below, and we believe it will warm your heart.

Source: Daily Mail


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