German Town Residents Buy Up All The Beer In Town Before Neo-Nazi Festival

German Town Residents Buy Up All The Beer In Town Before Neo-Nazi Festival

We imagine that drinking beer is considered a nice way to relax and tune out the fact that you are helping set human progress back a few hundred years ago if you’re a white supremacist.

However, some of these self-professed white supremacists won’t have it quite so easy on a June weekend in Germany.

Newsweek reports that the hundreds of neo-nazis who came to the “Shield and Sword Festival” in Ostritz found themselves very uncomfortably dry after a court imposed a liquor ban at their gathering. The ban was put in place to prevent any incidents that might erupt, and the police confiscated more than a thousand gallons of alcohol from the people attending the weekend-long event.

Yes, that’s right!

They even posted photos on Twitter of the alcohol they had removed from the participants, and it’s everything!

However, this is only half the story.

Residents of the town of Ostritz who have had to deal with these bigots before (because they threw a similar festival on Hitler’s birthday last year) knew that the ban wouldn’t stop them from trying to get more alcohol while in town. So, the residents of the town got together a week ago and made up a plan that would truly upset the white supremacists: they bought up the whole beer supply of the town!

A local activist told reporters that they wanted to dry the Nazis out, so they emptied the shelves at the supermarkets.

He added that it’s important for them to send the message from the town that there are many people who won’t tolerate this. They have different values and they wanted to set an example.

While the festival was going on, residents of the town also staged two counter-protests and put on a “Peace Festival” to share the message that bigotry is not welcome.


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