Girl Forced By Teacher To Sit In Blood-Soaked Clothes After Having First Period

Girl Forced By Teacher To Sit In Blood-Soaked Clothes After Having First Period

An 11-year-old girl has been forced to sit through lessons in blood-soaked clothing after her teacher refused to let her go to the toiled when she got her first period.

According to the mom, the distraught girl came home with bloody underwear, tights, and shorts as she experienced her first menstrual bleed. Hastings Academy has been slammed by the furious mom who said that staff told her daughter she would need a ‘toilet pass’ to allow her out of lessons, but she could only obtain it with a doctor’s certificate. It costs £15 (around $20).

The mom says that it took teacher two days to acknowledge her daughter’s natural predicament. The mother, who wished not to be named, noted:

“I cannot see why I am paying £15 for my daughter to use the toilet for something that is no fault of her own.”.

The doctor was astounded by the school’s demand, but wrote the letter anyway.

“It’s her first proper period and it started on Saturday. It was quite a lot.
Monday morning she got up and said it was still really bad. I said she could have the day off school, but she wanted to go.”

The girl felt anxious about the incident, and her mother says that she’s frightened in case it comes through on the chair, and she has to clean it with her skirt.

Two female staff members had asked the mother what was the doctor going to give her to ‘lighten her daughter’s flow’. She, however, said that she does not agree with giving her daughter something to stop something which is natural.

“She’s at school on time every day, fully prepared, in full uniform, smart, presentable and she’s doing everything the school asks and they can’t give her that bit of leeway.” – the mom adds.

A spokesperson for the University of Brighton Academies Trust said:

“We are extremely sorry for the upset caused to the student and her family. Students’ welfare is our paramount concern and staff at all of our academies work extremely hard to ensure their safety, comfort and well-being. We do have a practice of issuing toilet passes at The Hastings Academy. This was introduced to avoid the abuse of toilet breaks during lesson time.

We initiated a system of toilet passes to counter this problem and this has succeeded in addressing the issue. In this particular case, a toilet pass was issued the next morning. We are committed to ensuring that we have a responsive and flexible toilet pass system, and will be reviewing the practice to see if any improvement can be made. Medical certificates are only required in certain circumstances but we accept they are an additional cost. This issue is something we will also be reviewing.”


The fact that the price of doctor’s visit was given in pounds should have been your first clue And wearing uniforms is not a very common practice in the U.S. the way ‘centre’ is spelled is a dead giveway. In the U.S. we spell it ‘center’.

In short, acquire the facts first before you formulate an opinion. Sorry, Karen!

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