Girl Scout Brilliantly Handles Man Who Has No Idea How To Speak In Front Of Ladies

Girl Scout Brilliantly Handles Man Who Has No Idea How To Speak In Front Of Ladies

Eli McCann is a man from Salt Lake City that recently shared a story of an encounter at a Girl Scout cookie stand, and it was liked by almost half a million people. Many people loved the story and said that “that’s how it’s done!”, and it’s about a man who made an inappropriate comment and the brilliant response from a Girl Scout.

The response is so simple, yet so brilliant. McCann shared the full story on his blog named It Just Gets Stranger, and said that it was truly jarring. He shared that the six people that were all standing around in front of the grocery store froze and looked at the man, and McCann himself opened his mouth to say something, but then really didn’t know what to say.

What stunned most people was the b-word. It was unclear who he was calling that, the Girl Scouts, or the cookies? However, it was absolutely and totally inappropriate to say such a thing to a bunch of 12-year-olds.

The girl’s response, though, was immediate, and McCann shared that it floored everyone. He wrote that her tone “was so full of confidence and sass, and it was the most perfectly delivered line he’s ever heard”.

The dude who made the inappropriate comment completely froze, stopped walking, and his face went red. He just turned around and shuffled back to his car, while the girl stared at him all the way through his walk of shame.

McCann went up to the girl to compliment her, and received another perfectly delivered line from the Girl Scout. He wrote that two adult women were standing behind the girl, and he told the girl that he saw how she handled that man earlier, and that was really impressive. The girl just said:

‘You gotta be pretty tough if you’re gonna go out in THIS outfit.'”

Wow! Just wow!

This girl deserves all the praise in the world for her gumption and wit, as it takes a lot of courage to say something like that to an adult, especially to a man who is doing something inappropriate. This is how we should be teaching girls to act, and encourage them not to accept anything else than respect and dignity.


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