Girl Spoke Up After A Boy Was Told To Give Nazi Salute In Class And Others Followed Up

Girl Spoke Up After A Boy Was Told To Give Nazi Salute In Class And Others Followed Up

An 11-year-old was reprimanded and sent to the principal last week for telling several classmates to stop giving the nazi salute.

It all began when one student was assigned to portray Adolf Hitler as part of an interactive fifth-grade social studies class project at the McFadden School of Excellence in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

According to Huff Post, the teacher instructed the student to give the Sieg Heil salute as part of his presentation.

The girl, however, noted that while she had initially ben given the opportunity to express why the situation upset her, she was told “not to address it again” afterward. Her father has since shared the whole story, including the feud between him and the school administration in a Twitter thread.

Keith Jack Gamble, the girl’s father, noted that the saluting continued for weeks, and it finally culminated in the girl shouting “Stop it” and “put your hands down” at her classmates.
She was then sent to the principal’s office for “being disrespectful with her tone and body language to teachers”.

This is the conversation the father had with the school administration:

Even though the school claims that the teachers intervened at the few confirmed instances and the principal gave the entire fifth-grade class a talking, the school takes no responsibility for the inciting assignment.

The school’s communications director told HuffPost that it was never intended to be offensive, and the salute “was definitely not encouraged to be performed by the other students”.


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