Girl Who Kneed A Boy “Protesting” In Women’s Bathroom Expelled From School

Girl Who Kneed A Boy “Protesting” In Women’s Bathroom Expelled From School

A high school girl in a school district in North Pole, Alaska was recently expelled indefinitely after she kicked a boy in the groin.

However, that’s not even 1% of the story. The boy, along with six other teenage males, entered the women’s bathroom in protest of a transt student who decided to take a selfie in the men’s room, even though he was allowed by the school to enter the men’s room.

So, this incident managed to shed light on two very important, and yet different topics: the female student’s right to respond like that when she felt in danger, and the trans student’s right to use a bathroom that aligns with their identity.

Things started at North Pole High School when the trans student took a selfie in the men’s bathroom after he was given permission to use the bathroom from the administration. However, a group of male students that were offended by the selfie decided to take their own selfie in the women’s bathroom as a form of protest, and they didn’t ask the school for permission.

This is what the Snap Chat about the protest read:

As the female student was exiting the women’s bathroom, she was frightened and startled by the boys that were taking a selfie, and she responded by kneeing one of them in the groin. The injured boy was brought to the nurse, and the rest of them dispersed.

The female student, who had no relation to the trans student, was “expelled indefinitely” from the school after a Title XI investigation was used upon her.

Even though the boys were also disciplined, their punishment has not been released:

The female student is now appealing the decision of the school, and many people in the community back her up. She wrote on Facebook that the guys came into the female bathroom and scared her, and in reaction she kneed him. She wrote that she didn’t even know what she did until after, as she was scared, and there was no way for her to leave the bathroom, or otherwise she would have done that.

One of the people that came to her defense was Alaskan State Rep. Tammie Wilson, who had her comment in a conference:

Wilson said that she doesn’t care why the boys were in the bathroom, and she just wanted to make sure that she wants to tell the young ladies at North Pole High School that if they ever feel threatened for their safety, whatever force they think they need to give, she will stand right behind them.

She added that it’s the wrong message to send to girls that they need to decide “how much force should they use” at the moment they feel threatened.

The school district seems to have a pretty good trans student policy in place, but we believe they acted too harshly in the case of the female student.

The superintendent of the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, Dr. Karen Gaborik, said that the whole community needs to work together to ensure that all students feel welcomed, safe, and able to learn and thrive. However, advocating for the use of physical force does not contribute to a safe and learning environment, she adds.


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