Girls Skip School Because They Feel Unsafe And Ashamed By Using Gender Neutral Toilets

Girls Skip School Because They Feel Unsafe And Ashamed By Using Gender Neutral Toilets

Parents and teachers have warned that gender-neutral toilets that have been introduced in some schools are leaving girls feeling unsafe and even put their health at risk.

With a growing number of primary and secondary schools installing gender-neutral toilets across the U.K., some girls refuse to urinate all day and they are risking infections. To add to that, some parents and teachers have warned that girls who are menstruating are anxious about sharing facilities with boys, and they choose to stay at home for fear of being made to feel “period shamed”.

It was reported by Daily Mail that parents and teaching staff have warned that female students feel deeply uncomfortable, or even unsafe, when sharing toilets with male students.

The trend for gender-neutral toilets is driven by the wish to be more inclusive of children who identify as trans people, but The Mail reports that doctors and politicians called on schools last night to halt the move towards gender-neutral toilets to prevent any further harm to female students.

GP Tessa Katz said, reportedly, that holding in urine for prolonged periods on a regular basis could increase the risk of girls suffering urinary and bladder infections. According to Dr. Katz, the psychological effects of girls not feeling safe enough to use the toilet are concerning. The rise in gender-neutral toilets in the country has sparked a backlash among parents, and many say that they were not consulted before the change was made at their children’s schools.

The latest case involved Deanesfield Primary School in London, where parents launched a petition against the introduction of gender-neutral toilets last month. According to one angry mother of daughters aged four and eight at the school, the cubicles had been open and the bottom and top, and older students could easily climb up the toilets and peer over.

A spokesperson for the school has since said that they will continue to support parents with any individual concerns and worries they may have.

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