Government Pulls ‘Stay At Home’ Ad That Showed Only Women Doing Household Chores

Government Pulls ‘Stay At Home’ Ad That Showed Only Women Doing Household Chores

Following a major fallout, the UK government decided to remove the advert which urged people to ‘stay home’, as it featured illustrations of women doing household chores.
The four drawings showed a family resting on a sofa, a woman cleaning with a young girl (probably her daughter), a mom teaching her two children, and a woman mom ironing with a baby in her arms. The four images were used in the official government advert.

Many people, however, criticized the ad on Twitter, saying that the illustrations belong to the 1950s and argued that the poster projects outdated views on women.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official spokesperson said that the poster has been withdrawn and removed from the campaign, and it does not reflect the government’s views on women.
The director of the Women’s Budget Group, Mary-Ann Stephenson, said that the images were symptomatic of an approach that has treated women as an ‘afterthought’ throughout these crazy times.

According to recent research, women are twice as likely to need time off work with no pay to look after their children due to household chores and school during these times than men.
The report was released by Fawcett Society and Women’s Budget Group, and stated that 15 percent of moms say that they would have to take unpaid time off work as a result of schools closing their doors, in comparison to only 8 percent of dads who reported the same.



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