Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress Is The Most Elegant And Best-Remembered Bridal Gowns Of All Time

Grace Kelly’s Wedding Dress Is The Most Elegant And Best-Remembered Bridal Gowns Of All Time

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer of Monaco’s wedding is considered to be the most dreamy and stylish wedding ever made. It took place on April 19, 1956, and what is most remembered by many is Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. It was, and even today is, the most popular wedding dress in the world, and many brides and designers are still inspired by it.

It is assumed that the designer of the dress will be the famous American designer Edith Head, a close friend of Kelly.

However, it was actually Helen Rose, the Academy winning designer who worked in the wardrobe department of MGM that actually helped Kelly with the dress.

She used more than 400 yards of fabric, including a 125-year-old rose point Brussels lace for the dress.

The dress contained ten parts, and each one of them was created piece by piece. The skirt was made of ivory faille, and the gown was made of 100 yards of silk net.

The veil was 90 yards long, and it was made up of very fine, lightweight netting, specially designed to keep her face as visible as possible.

More than 30 million people watched their wedding, and more than 600 guests attended it.

Kelly chose a Juliet cap to hold the veil instead of a tiara, and she carried a Bible instead of lots of flowers.

The Bible was a gift to her which was later embellished with silk, lace, and pearls, and she also carried a small bouquet.

The estimated manufacturing and material cost of her bridal dress at the time was $7,266 (without the designer’s fee and the fee for the 30 seamstresses who worked for six weeks).
However, it was actually a gift from MGM, for whom Grace Kelly worked.

She wore 2 and a half inch heels, designed by David Evins, and he even added lace and seed pearls. Kelly’s name was embossed in the right shoe, and Evins also put a copper penny in the right shoe for good luck.

There were two separate celebrations held on consecutive days: the civil ceremony and the church marriage.

Grace Kelly wore her wedding dress on the second day, while she wore a pink floral ensemble at the civil ceremony.


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