Groom And Bride Fall In Love With Bridesmaid, And They’re Now All In A Polyamorous Relationship

Groom And Bride Fall In Love With Bridesmaid, And They’re Now All In A Polyamorous Relationship

A woman who has “slept” with both her husband and her bridesmaid on her wedding day has recently revealed that she is now in a polyamorous relationship with both of them.

Karalyn Henry from Ohio was only 17 when she confessed to her then-boyfriend Justin that she was attracted to other women as well. He convinced her that she should date women as well, and she fell in love with the 19-year-old Lana Douglas from Northern Ireland.
Karalyn and Justin asked Lana to be their bridesmaid at their wedding, 4 years later, and it was the very first time the couple was meeting her in person. As reported by Daily Mail, the groom also soon fell in love with Lana.

Karalyn said that her heart skipped a beat when she saw Lana on the wedding day, dressed up and with her makeup done. She thought that she was gorgeous, and they all linked arms and just danced and sang for hours. They all later slept on the bed together, but she noted that she and Lana are asexual by all means. Even though Justin is not, she said that he is very understanding.

Karalyn, now 22, met Justin when they were in high school, and they started dating back in 2013. After dating him for a year, though, she realized that she was attracted to both men and women. However, she was scared to see how her friends and family would react, but she couldn’t hide it any longer. She wanted to know how would it feel to be with a girl, but she didn’t want to leave her boyfriend.
When talking about his reaction, she said that she brought it up with him and he very calmly told her that she could date a girl, and they would try to be polyamorous. They did, and it worked amazingly.

Shortly after that, Karalyn met Lana, and she found out while talking to her that Lana had stage 4 cancer. She began falling in love with her, and she used to Face Time her while Lana was going through chemo.
They began a long-distance relationship in 2016, and Lana was soon after declared to be in remission. Justin and Karalyn decided to get married, and they invited Lana to be their bridesmaid, despite they had never seen her in person.

She agreed and took a flight over to go and see them.

The story took a surprising turn when Justin also realized that he was attracted to Lana, and they then became a poly triad. They were all dating each other, with no exclusions.
Karalyn explains that their friends and family took it amazingly well, as they realized how much the three loved each other.

They all go on dates together now, but Karalyn, who also posts vlogs about their adventures on her YouTube channel, revealed that being in a relationship like this has its disadvantages.

First of all, it’s illegal to marry more than one partner at a time, and another disadvantage is that people often say that she is cheating on her husband, or that it’s “disgusting”. However, she added that he has never been happier in a relationship, and she loves and cherishes her partners with all of her heart.


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