Guy Claims He Can “Decode” Women By Looking At Their Fingernails

Guy Claims He Can “Decode” Women By Looking At Their Fingernails

Oh, and the dating guide that literally no one ever was asking for is finally here. This “super cool” guy totally explained women and their personality types based on how their fingernails look!

Marwan “Rocky” Alter is a 26-year-old from California who decided to share a “dating guide” on Instagram. It’s called “Nails at First Sight”, and he claims that people will know what to expect from a woman depending on what her nails look like…

If only patriarchy could ever look at women’s fingernails.. things would have been even easier for them.

“Rocky” has even gone so far to create a booklet which “explains” the different personality types of women, and he did it by nothing else than their fingernails!

He claims that there are “safe” colors and shapes for nails, and there are “dangerous” ones. He presented his work, if we can call it that way, on social media, and he said that he had “so many bros always asking him how does he know the signs?

He said that he has come up with a foolproof survival guide after countless hours of research, and he calls it Nails at First Sight.

According to this bloke, it all comes down to just three things: color, shape, and length of the nails. His “research” included talking to 20 male friends and 10 male strangers, because, obviously, why would such research about women, include women?

This is how he explained his “book”:

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