Guy Ditched Woman On First Date After She Brought Her Kid

Guy Ditched Woman On First Date After She Brought Her Kid

As most of us know, dating can be very tricky, and it’s especially the case for people that come with past “baggage” – people who have children.
What if the person you like doesn’t like your kid? When do you bring up the fact that you have a kid? When do you tell your kid that you’re dating someone?

These can be very tricky questions, and single parents don’t have it easy.

One guy decided to ask Reddit whether he was right or wrong to ditch a woman who showed up at their first date with her son, and the man didn’t even know that she had a kid.
College student LiveDriver was talking to a girl on Tinder for about a month, and he thought that she’s amazing. Beautiful, smart, charismatic, has a nice body…

He had noticed a line down her abdomen on her stomach, but he had thought that it was not right for him to address that.

The two arranged a date at a local diner, and he had arrived five minutes early to get a table. However, he was very confused when he saw a woman looking exactly like his date, and a kid next to her.

This is the post, as it was shared on Reddit:

What do you think about this?

This is what people in the comments had to say, and it’s safe to say that most of them thought he was right for ditching her:


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