Guy Identifies Himself As Being From The 1820s And Dresses Only In Historical Clothes

Guy Identifies Himself As Being From The 1820s And Dresses Only In Historical Clothes

Yes, we all know how good it is to have your own style, and how a person that has their own personality isn’t afraid to express it with what they wear.

This guy is doing exactly that.

Zack Pinsent has rejected the contemporary fashion and has decided that the only clothes that he will wear are those fit for a Georgian duke.

Credit: pinsent_tailoring

The 25-year-old Zack identifies himself as being from the 1820s, and he only dresses in flamboyant Regency and historical clothing. He says that this is the only way he feels comfortable in the 21st century, and his huge online following (over 40k fans on Instagram) love it.
He explained that he loves what he does and he does it only for his own enjoyment.

He also added that it’s hard for men, as they can’t show exuberance, but he will wear a pair of knee-high riding leather riding boots on a typical day, accompanied with a riding jacket with long tails, a top hat, a cane, and a floral waistcoat.

Zack told LADBible that it all started when he was 14 and found a box of his great-grandfather’s old suits. When he realized that they fitted him well, he started to wear them.

Zack made the symbolic decision to burn his only pair of jeans in a bonfire at 14, and it was a real turning point for him.

He would dress in three-piece suits on a non-school uniform days, and he even started to dress in historical clothing after he got to the sixth form.

He was quite surprised when he was voted as the “best dressed” in the leavers’ book.

The last time he wore “modern” clothes was when he was 14:

All of his outfits are designed, researched, and sewn by himself. Some of them take up to a year to perfect before he puts them on, and the feedback from the public is usually good.

He said that most people have been good-natured to him, even football fans.

He has a huge following on social media, and many people adore his historical clothing, especially female followers.

He said that he has received many marriage proposals, and he thinks that it indicates that women want a gentleman and someone that cares about his presentation and appearance.

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