Guy’s “Unbelievable Creepy” List Of Demands For Dating Is So Bizarre You’ll Have To Take A Shower After Reading

Guy’s “Unbelievable Creepy” List Of Demands For Dating Is So Bizarre You’ll Have To Take A Shower After Reading

Well, in the same way that it’s good to know how you prefer your coffee, it’s also good what you’re looking for in a partner. However, we believe that it should be within reason.
For example, you would like your partner to live in the same city as you, or to share your interests, or to have a good sense of humor, etc, and all of that is perfectly OK!
However, this guy went popular on social media after he shared his very specific requirements for his love interest. He listed out exactly what he’s looking for in his potential partner in a Facebook group, and be warned, because it’s A LOT!
The post began:

“I’m just a 35-year-old lost soul looking for love,”

Pretty innocent, right?

The unidentified person also shared a Snapchat selfie of him (filtered, of course), and this is what the whole post read:

Just wow!

The photo resurfaced on many social media pages, and it even found its way on Reddit. People all over the internet were criticizing the post, but there were some truly hilarious remarks.
One person wrote that the guy is going to struggle to find anyone with a list like that, but we should be thankful he won’t be propagating his genes. Another one wrote that he “must be looking for a doll”, because of the very specific requirements.

Many people were actually shocked by his casual racism and blatant misogyny, but were actually surprised by the very specific height and weight range.
Someone actually suggested that the post may have been just a mock-up by an ex, which would make more sense…

People on Reddit were also shocked, and someone wrote that this is so unbelievably creepy they will have to take a shower after reading is. So will I, sis!

What do you think, how is this guy spending Valentine’s Day?


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