Haunting Memorial Commemorates 440 Women Whose Lives Were Taken By Their Husband’s Hands

Haunting Memorial Commemorates 440 Women Whose Lives Were Taken By Their Husband’s Hands

Even though some say that there’s a certain beauty in weakness, inequity between people brings nothing but sorrow.
One of the most acute, yet so often unspoken problems all over the world is partners getting physical against their partners in the home.
One Turkish artist found this issue so heartbreaking and important that he managed to find a way to raise awareness of his fellow countrymen that couldn’t be ignored. To add to that, his piece of art beautifully commemorates those who fell victims to this terrible form of a misdemeanor.

In order to commemorate the 440 women in the country whose lives were taken by their own husbands last year, 440 pairs of shoes were hung up on the wall of a building in Istanbul, Turkey.

Turkish artist and graphic designer Vahit Tuna made the wall, and he said that the inspiration to act came from seeing an increasing number of messages about the problem on social media. However, he is aware that those stories tend to disappear pretty quickly from the public eye, so he saw the need of a reminder that this problem must not go unnoticed.

Tuna chose the high-heels as a symbol of feminine power and independence that he wishes all women had.

It’s important to note, however, that the high-heels never belonged to the victims themselves, but rather are a cultural gesture.

The artist says that even though, on one hand, the high heels shouldn’t be seen as a direct message, as he chose heels mostly because of aesthetical reasons. On the other hand, though, he contradicts himself, saying that it could be seen as a symbol of women being able to work and be able to care for themselves, and not be dependent on their husbands.

The art installation is set up in Istanbul, and it will stay on display there for 6 months.


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