He Asked His Girlfriend To Decline Her Promotion So She Wouldn’t Earn More Money Than Him

He Asked His Girlfriend To Decline Her Promotion So She Wouldn’t Earn More Money Than Him

The time when it was acceptable to say that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, is over. It was long ago when only men worked, and women stayed at home. But some people still haven’t noticed the program.

A woman named Kimber Dowsett was at the airport, waiting to board on her flight when she overheard a couple arguing. Unintentionally, she heard what they were speaking about, and it completely amazed her.

Kimber couldn’t believe what the conversation was about and shared the story with the Twitter community. The boyfriend expected his girlfriend to turn down the promotion she had been offered, and it was all because of his own ego.

Kimber’s followers were outraged when they read the story: the man mourned that it would be a humiliation for him if his girlfriend made more money than him. She tried to rationalize with him, but with no good, because he insisted that she should decline the promotion to spare him from the ’embarrassment’.

Out storyteller couldn’t believe that men such this still existed.

The tables had turned when the girl decided to stand up for herself:

The girl had just decided that she has had it with his weak ego and chose her career over him. The people hearing the fight at the gate clapped after what she did, and he was left texting furiously.

Kimber was amazed by this anonymous girl and she wrote some marvellous word for her.

This woman stood up for herself, and she should be an example for women all around the world. After all, if someone truly loves you, they should support you in achieving your goals and help you get them, not drag you down.

We hope all women can be as strong as this girl, who determined who she was and decided to chase her dreams.

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