Heartbroken Mom Who Lost Her Child Issues A WARNING To All Parents

Heartbroken Mom Who Lost Her Child Issues A WARNING To All Parents

Parents have been urged by a devastated couple to trust their gut instincts after their son who had just celebrated his second birthday lost his life unexpectedly.

Ross and Kate Upton from Brisbane were told by the doctors that their son Arlo Jack simply had a virus, however, the passed away 48 hours later.

The toddler showed the first signs of illness when he started coughing on October 27, just before the family headed out to the Halloween festivities.

The following afternoon Arlo began vomiting and had developed a temperature. The parents made an appointment with their GP immediately, but were told that it’s just a virus, and they were sent away with painkillers.

Little Arlo’s temperature went down, but he started developing a worrying rash. He was refusing to eat, and his temperature hit 39C (102.2F) again, even with taking Panadol and Nurofen.

Kate stayed with the toddler home on Monday, October 29, and they decided to take Arlo to another doctor. However, even the other doctor told them that it’s just a virus, and it would pass. The parents were still worried, and they took Arlo to a community center, where they were given the same diagnosis and advice yet again.

It was the turning point when things took a terrifying turn.

Arlo soon turned blue around his mouth, and his parents called an ambulance immediately.

The boy’s condition deteriorated rapidly in the ambulance, and he was put on a life support machine after going into cardiac arrest. The ambulance stopped to pick up more paramedics nearby, and eight medics treated Arlo at one stage. Mrs. Upton said that it went from OK to bad really quick. The medics initially thought that Arlo might be suffering from sepsis, but they re-diagnosed him as having a gene mutation called LPIN1 deficiency, which resulted in acute skeletal muscle damage.

The parents were told at one point that Arlo might have to have his fingers or toes amputated to save him, but it turned out to be too late. The boy suffered a seizure at 5:30 AM on Thursday, November 1, and lost his life later that day.

‘We spent a few hours singing to him, cuddling him and talking to him before they took the ventilator off,’ – Mrs. Upton said.

Mrs. and Ms. Upton, who also have a three-year-old daughter named Frankie are now advising all parents to go with their gut instinct if their child falls ill and they recommend taking children to see a doctor for “any cough or sniffle”.

If the autopsy proves that Arlo did have a gene mutation, his parents and sister will have to undergo testing to see if some of them also carry the condition.


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