High School Measures Girls’ Dresses With Ruler And Bans Them From Homecoming Dance

High School Measures Girls’ Dresses With Ruler And Bans Them From Homecoming Dance

A Kentucky high school is facing backlash after the school’s administration banned a group of girls from attending their homecoming dance because of the lengths of their dresses.
Believe it or not, the school administrators measured the length with actual rulers!

The school is now facing parental backlash, and the mother of one of the students wrote a blog post about the incident and her daughter’s heartbreaking reaction to being singled out because of the length of her dress.

Students whose dresses fell shorter than two inches above the knee were denied entry to the dance, even though they had paid for tickets.

The students were milling around the parking lot, waiting for their parents to get them, when the police approached them and told them that they were trespassing and had to leave.
Carrie Vittitoe writes that she stood on the sidewalk with many of the kids, waiting for their parents to come, because no high school staff waited with the kids.

She notes that it was all because of an outdated and plain sexist “two inches above the knee” rule for the dresses in question.

Another parent told WDRB that the girls were told that their “legs were too long” and some even had to “squat down” so they could be measured by administrators. According to one dad, around 100 girls had been turned away because of their dress length.

To say that this response by the administration at Eastern High School disproportionately affects girls in a detrimental way is an understatement.

Vittitoe concludes her blog post by saying that the homecoming dance was a complete disaster. According to her, the dress code issue became a safety issue for the students who were left wandering around outside at night.


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