High School Student Got In Trouble For Not Wearing A Bra To School Because It Makes ‘People Assume Bad Things’

High School Student Got In Trouble For Not Wearing A Bra To School Because It Makes ‘People Assume Bad Things’

Remember those high school dress codes?

They are meant to ensure a safe and distraction-free school environment, but they have proven themselves over time to be anachronistic and offensive methods of perpetuating sexism.
Not that they are entirely unnecessary though, as no one would want to see crowds of teenagers in their PJs or in their ultra low-rise jeans.
The point is: high school dress codes sometimes have a point.

There is one problem though: many of those high school dress codes punish and vilify girls. It was the case with this girl below, for example:

Dress codes teach young girls that it’s their responsibility to account for male lust instead of teaching boys and grown men that they should treat girls and women like equal human beings and that they should learn to control their lusts.

Both boys and girls should feel safe enough in the high school environment.

Unfortunately, many high school dress codes teach that girls’ bodies are “seductive” in nature, so boys (and grown men) should be “protected” from them. Boys are valued more than girls in this way, and their mental wellbeing is put above that of their female counterparts.

This dynamic was more visible than ever at a California high school recently.

On the photo below, you can see Remy with her brother Gavin who tweeted:
“lucky to have such a strong, smart sister. you’ve taught me so much. I’m happy to call you a sister and a friend.”

Remy’s friend Kaitlyn says that she’s a “top-notch 4.4 GPA student”.

As most of us know, the past month was ridiculously hot in Southern California, and Remy Altuna had been dressing for the occasion.

However, certain members of her school’s faculty found one of her outfit choices eye-raising. She chose to wear a black bodysuit and baggy jeans to school one day.

The teachers did not make a comment about it for most of the day, at least until she went to her school office to get a paper signed.

The assistant vice principal took Remy aside and told her to cover up.

She told her that her shirt was low cut, and she asked Remy if she was wearing a bra. She told the student that she didn’t want people to think anything bad for her or talk inappropriately because she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Remy says that she didn’t feel she needed a bra.

She says that the dress code does not say anything about bras, but says that tops must cover all parts of undergarments and shall not be low cut or revealing.

She added:

“If Mrs. Weber is concerned about people talking about my appearance she should focus on dealing with the students behaving inappropriately.”

Other students agreed:

All of this sets up a misogynistic dynamic where women are to blame for being sexually assaulted.

Just another example:


How wonderfull…psychologhical castration of men, making them fear of their lust is da wae

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