Homeless Woman’s Twitter Rant Explains Why Nobody Should Donate To The Salvation Army

Homeless Woman’s Twitter Rant Explains Why Nobody Should Donate To The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army – USA received more than $2 billion from direct public support that year, according to their 2017 financial report.
However, a homeless woman who had been living in one of their facilities named Heather Snow said that no one should donate a single cent to them ever again in her emotional Twitter rant about the experience she and other women were having in one of their centers in Portland.

She added that the sole purpose of the organization is to make a profit, and according to their 2017 financial report, they had a surplus of $622 million. The thread went viral across the social media, and it ignited a heated discussion about the organization and similar organizations around the world. Check out the debate for yourself below, and tell us what you think on this matter in the comments!

This is how the Salvation Army responded:

And, of course, Heather Snow was kicked out of the shelter:

This is how people responded to the story:


I stayed there after my house burned. There’s so many things wrong with the SA, I’ll never donate another penny.
Food is donated (mostly from Walmart) to give away at lunch and supper. The “major” put a guard (unpaid resident) on the food until she goes through it and gets what she wants. Residents aren’t allowed to get any of that food. The “major” took the stove out of the lodge (where residents live) so they are forced to eat the expired slop the SA serves.
My sugar bottomed out one Sunday morning and I became unresponsive. They refused to call an ambulance and left me for dead. By the grace of God, I woke up Tuesday morning and was promptly thrown out for not leaving the lodge by 8:00 am on Monday morning. They said I should’ve told them that I needed to go to the ER. While I was unresponsive, I should’ve told them that I was sick. That’s just one thing. There’s so many more.
DHS, CPS, and/or law enforcement needs to investigate the Tupelo, MS Salvation Army on behalf of the children. Specifically about the bus incident on the return trip from camp in 2017, and the incident at the camp where they were staying in 2018. I doubt that will come to fruition. The investigators will either be incompetent, or won’t do a proper investigation because of the who’s who.

Catholic Charities much better

I had the general misfortune of staying at one of their ‘long term shelters’ for domestic violence survivors with my daughter. There were some people who were friends of a friend who had managed to get a few of my belongings out of my former apartment for me following my abuser moving out; they had dropped them off at the office on site for me. When I asked the counselors politely for the boxes, they pretended to not know what I was talking about. About a month later, they had a ‘special’ on site donation at ‘the cage’, an odd addition to the laundry room with chicken wire and a locked panel door. It turns out they had thrown my belongings in there, and had me watch in horror as some of the other residents tore through what few things I had left. There was also another resident named Cheryl who had been staying there a few years. She would pick up cheap paintings from the thrift store, bringing them to resident meetings and pretend she had painted them. She also for whatever reason was given access to the keys to the apartments. She took my infant daughter’s clothing from the dryer in the laundry room, as well as the two towels I owned, bragged about it openly and put the clothes on her daughter. I had distant family members who had purchased the items and still had the receipts, and when I attempted to get the cops involved, the counselors threatened to throw me out. They also pretended to have a ‘therapeutic daycare’ for the children of the residents. The one time I was foolish enough to trust them (slightly before the box incident), they tried to have my daughter legally kidnapped. I came back early from an appointment to find friends of one of the counselors walking out with my daughter in their arms, with one counselor talking to them and pretending my daughter had been abandoned, while another tried to physically block me from taking my daughter away from them. There was also a counselor named Cathy who opened my mail, and casually threw it away. The icing on the cake was when I finally found help through another organization and got the hell out of there. They had been sabotaging my previous attempts by giving me numbers, but calling them first to pretend I was a drug addict, so I had to do my own research at the library for resources. Apparently their response to my successfully rescuing myself was to throw a garbage bag of beer cans, of all things, into my room and lie to the other residents pretending I had been kicked out for violating rules and being an alcoholic. Then called the other organization demanding a stipulation on my resident lease that I still be under the Salvation Army’s thumb to not ‘badmouth or spread rumors’ about them. The Salvation Army is nothing but a scam by individuals who enjoy abusing their power and anyone desperate enough to go to them for help.

Many times when I was just getting by on my $7 an hour job with children, I couldn’t pay the utility bills in Atlanta, GA. I called the Salvation Army and they helped me pay them, saving me and my kids from freezing in 20 degree weather. That was when Georgia was run by democrats. Looks like all these SA shelters are run in republican-run states, so just expect that type of behavior.

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