Hotel Chain Posted ‘Sexist’ Advert That Has Been Removed Since, And You’ll See Why

Hotel Chain Posted ‘Sexist’ Advert That Has Been Removed Since, And You’ll See Why

OK, at first, check out this picture below and see what you think of it.

Nothing special, right? Just a normal advert for the Sofitel hotel in Brisbane, Australia. A couple is sitting around in a pair of bathrobes, eating a delicious breakfast in bed.

The hotel, however, was forced to take down this advert because of all the bad publicity it got. It turns out that many people think that this picture is sexist.

It might seem ridiculous on first glance, but if you look closely, there is something that can be considered sexist.
Check out the couple’s differing reading material, and you might have a clue what’s going on. The man is reading the Financial Review, presumably checking in on his stock portfolio, like every other man does first thing in the morning, of course, after he has gotten up at 5 am to work out.

His female companion, however, reads a coffee table book from the fashion house, Chanel. One would assume that she is choosing the lovely dress she will wear once her partner’s financial investments roll in. Sexist much?
Many people seem to think the same:

To be fair, many women know a LOT more about finance than men, and a lot of men choose to read the fashion magazine, given the choice. However, there’s more to it.

Others have noticed the positioning of the delicious breakfast. As you can see in the photo above, the man is positioned next to the pastry platter, while the woman is nearer the fruit.

The hotel chose to remove the ad since it sparked controversy on the social media, and they released a statement which reads:

“There was no intention of portraying a stereotype, but we recognize it and apologize for any offense that it has caused.
The creative has since been pulled from any future communications activity.”


I think they are really reaching on this one.

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