How Megan Rapinoe’s Goal Celebration Photo Has Become An Iconic Meme

How Megan Rapinoe’s Goal Celebration Photo Has Become An Iconic Meme

Megan Rapinoe has had a pretty big week, and that’s by standards even of the biggest names in the world.

After she made headlines when she told magazine Eight by Eight that she’s not going to the f… White House, President Trump decided to “lash her out” on Twitter himself, writing that she should concentrate on winning instead of criticizing his administration.

Well, Mr. President, it seems that Rapinoe is doing exactly that.

She led her team at Friday’s game against France in Paris, and she scored both of the goals in Team USA’s 2-1 victory over the host nation.

She scored the first goal from an incredible free kick, and then she ran to the corner and flung her arms majestically in celebration.

Supporters in the crowd, expectedly, roared out of excitement, and absolutely loved her celebration.

The photos of her celebration managed to perfectly capture the sense of accomplishment and confidence written on her face, and the USWNT Twitter team wrote that Rapinoe “is on another stratosphere right now and we’re so lucky to witness it”.

The image of Megan Rapinoe celebrating her goal with her arms in the air quickly hailed online, and became one of the iconic sports photographs.

Bill Simmons called it one of his favorite shots of the decade, and many other people shared their love for the photo and the moment itself:


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