Huge And Nationwide Vigil Will Take Place At Detention Camps Across The US

Huge And Nationwide Vigil Will Take Place At Detention Camps Across The US

The reports of migrants suffering in terrible conditions in U.S. custody have been heard by millions of Americans, and they wonder what they can do.
You see, if you hear one such story, you assume it’s an anomaly. But the number of reports of treating people inhumanely on our soil cannot be ignored.

Many lawyers, doctors, public health officials, civil rights experts, and reporters have shared first-hand accounts of what happens to these people, including children.
People we have detained.

Many people have even argued over whether the detention camps could be technically considered concentration camps, and the question itself is a sign that we’ve crossed the line somewhere.

There have also been reports of immigrant children being taken advantage of in detention centers, and some of them by staff members themselves.

We also have innocent children losing their lives in custody.

Warren Binford is an internationally recognized children’s rights scholar and Director of the Clinical Law Program at Willamette University in Oregon, and she spoke about the children held in a Clint, Texas, detention facility after she visited it.

“Basically, what we saw are dirty children who are malnourished, who are being severely neglected. They are being kept in inhumane conditions. They are essentially being warehoused, as many as 300 children in a cell, with almost no adult supervision.
We have children caring for other young children. For example, we saw a little boy in diapers — or he had no diapers on. He should have had a diaper on. He was 2 years old. And when I was asked why he didn’t have diapers on, I was told he didn’t need it.” – she told CBS.

Many people have suggested different ways of helping, and a mass mobilization effort is now underway to stand in solidarity against human detention camps on July 12.

However, how to make a strong and unified stand against these atrocities? Millions of Americans want to speak out their voice and say that they want no more of this, not on our soil!

Check out “Lights for Liberty: A Vigil to End Human Detention Camps”. It’s a mass gathering that will take place at detention centers around the country on July 12, to shed a literal light on the inhumane conditions being faced by asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

Lights of Liberty has a simple mission, and as of today, vigils are scheduled in 75 different locations around the country and the world, with more being added every day.
If you want to find an event near you or organize an event yourself, visit this page.


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