Husband’s Ultimatum To Wife Who Refused To ‘Give Oral’ Divided The Internet

Husband’s Ultimatum To Wife Who Refused To ‘Give Oral’ Divided The Internet

People that have been married for a long time would tell you that marriage is all about compromise – and compromise involves both sides equally!

So, that’s probably why Redditor u/Ilikeoralthrow gave his wife ultimatum after he received an ultimatum from her. OK, one would argue that all is fair in love and war, and marriage is a combination of both.

The Redditor decided to take his personal matter on the sub-Reddit AITA to find out if he was in the right or wrong, and he let other Redditors to decide.

This is the story he shared, and you can decide for yourself if he is the A-hole or not:

What do you think? The opinions of the Redditors were divided, and you can check some of the most popular below entries:


YTA… You’ve got a “tit for tat” thing going. That’s low, dude. If my lady doesn’t like doing a particular sexual act, fine. I can work around it. It no fun unless both of us are enjoying it. She doesn’t want to give oral, that’s fine. There are a thousand other things we can do. (Seriously, buy a copy of the Kama Sutra.) Granted, you wouldn’t be AS much of an a$$ if you had let the dinner thing stand on its own. But, you went there, and it’s low and petty as hell. Grow up, dude. I can list about 20 other men who would never try to play their lovers like this.

Let’s stop ignoring the obvious here. Tit for tat would be for him to stop performing oral on his wife. Since that wasn’t presented as an option, my hunch is that he doesn’t return that particular sexual favor. So NOW who is the a**hole?

Something I overlooked… Where in the original post does it state that this couple is husband and wife? This could be a lesbian couple for all we know. Does that change anyone’s opinion? Just a little something upon which to *chew* ; )

That’s why you don’t get married, it’s only a legal binding contract one one side and you get absolutely nothing pit of it as a man.

maybe, but usually lesbians say “partner”.
with “wife” goes “husband” and typically lesbians aren’t too fond of men, so seems like a minority would use those labels. better than all the other assumptions made on the thread tho, good devil’s advocate 😉

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