“If A Child Is Old Enough To Talk, It’s Old Enough To Have Intercourse”, UK’s Most Dangerous Pedophile Tells Police

“If A Child Is Old Enough To Talk, It’s Old Enough To Have Intercourse”, UK’s Most Dangerous Pedophile Tells Police

Jason Leonard is a convicted pervert who told the court that he wanted to travel to other countries to have intercourse with children. The appeal court restricted his movements abroad.

The 37-year-old has been described as “one of the most dangerous” registered s*x offenders in the region by the police at the court hearing.
Leonard is from Haslingden, Lancashire, England, and he admitted that he wanted the freedom to travel to a country where the age of consent is lower.
He had previously told the police that his “ideal” partner would be aged between 12 and 14.

According to Leonard, pedophiles in the UK are being “persecuted” and treated by the society as the “homosexuals 40 years ago”, or “the Jews in the Second World War”.

After losing his court appeal, Leonard will now only be granted permission to travel abroad if he has written permission from a police chief constable.
He was jailed for 32 months back in 2013 for downloading 251 indecent children photos and sharing them on the Internet.
At first, he was given SOPO (s*xual offenses prevention order) to monitor his Internet use, but now he was granted SHPO (s*xual harm prevention order) by magistrates.

SHPO includes additional measures, preventing him from having any unsupervised contact with a child under the age of 16 without the permission of a parent/guardian. He is also not allowed to travel outside the UK without prior written permission from the chief constable in the area he lives in.

According to Leonard, the new order was “completely disproportionate” and he made an appeal to Burnley Crown Court in order to have the SHPO revoked. According to Detective Constable Andrew Ashworth, however, Leonard is “one of the most dangerous offenders he has ever met” and he poses an “exceptional risk”.

“Mr. Leonard is unique. In the 10 years of performing this role, I have never met a s*xual offender who quite openly acknowledges his paedophilic tendencies. He is exceptional and has been risked as exceptional.

“He has expressed his desire to leave the country because he believes the police, judiciary, and government in this country are persecuting paedophiles” – says Ashworth

According to him, Leonard is very vocal and adamant about the persecution, and he likens it to the prosecution of homosexuals 40 years ago.
He adds that Leonard believes that pedophilia will be accepted in the same way that homosexuality is today in the fullness of time, and he has openly expressed his desire to move to other European countries where he believes the age of consent is lower. He mentioned the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Italy.

The appeal hearing was told that Leonard watches “very child oriented” pornography, usually with models dressed to look like cheerleaders or in school uniforms.

DC Ashworth asked Leonard what age is too young for intercourse earlier this year, and his answer was: “if a child is old enough to talk it’s old enough to have intimate intercourse”.

He added that Leonard’s mother is a factor in holding him back as to his s*xual lifestyle, but when she dies (and she is 80 at the moment), Leonard will go abroad to seek children.

According to Stuart Kaufman, Leonard’s representative, the SHPO restrictions are “completely disproportionate” and he described him as the “Ronseal of pedophiles”.

“Mr Leonard said he would always abide by the laws of whichever country he goes to.

If the age of consent is, say, 15 in Thailand then he would abide by that law. He is the Ronseal of pedophiles. He does exactly as he says on the tin. There’s nothing on Mr. Leonard’s record to suggest he has [had intimate activity] with a child.

The only thing he has ever done is downloaded child pornography.

There have been no changes in Mr. Leonard’s conduct since the SOPO was made in 2013.

The court could have made an SHPO then but they didn’t.

If his mother dies it may change but at the moment it is completely disproportionate.” – Mr. Kaufman told the court.

Leonard’s appeal was dismissed by Judge Sara Dodd, and she said that the man was “deeply disturbed and with a frankly alarming attitude to pedophilia”.


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