If You Really Want To Know What It Means To Have Anxiety Take A look At This Woman’s Powerful Post Nails

If You Really Want To Know What It Means To Have Anxiety Take A look At This Woman’s Powerful Post Nails

Anxiety is often brushed off as an easily fixable feeling that is ‘totally short-term’. However, people who actually live with the disorder find the experience awful, lasting and all-consuming.
A woman decided to share the exhausting pain that comes along with anxiety on social media, and she got candid about her own struggles.

Megan Lynne Ferrero began by explaining that anxiety does not mean just “chest pains, crying and the inability to relax”. It’s a lot more than that.
She wrote that for her, anxiety meant “biting her nails until they bleed, then picking off the skin on the fingers once she was out of nails to bite”.

She included a photo of her bitten nails and fingers. She continued by writing that anxiety for her meant going to the supermarket only to sit in the parking lot for 20 minutes and then turn back, without entering in. Megan also wrote that anxiety for her meant “asking her partner if he loved her several times a day, mostly needing to hear it because she found it so hard to love herself at that moment”.

She continued:

“Having anxiety also means hearing a small noise in the house and immediately planning for the absolute worst. It’s putting off washing dishes and avoiding answering text messages because you feel too overwhelmed (though the avoiding part causes a “knot in your stomach”).”

Megan explains that sometimes she understands that her worrying is extreme and irrational, but sometimes it’s impossible for her to rationalize the situation.

Anxiety takes everyday parts of life and intensifies the excitement or fear a thousand times – sometimes to the point that they seem absolutely impossible to face.

People loved her honest, gut-wrenching post. More than 60k liked it, and more than 100k shared it on Facebook. There were people who related to her condition and they posted comments about their own anxiety. Her words spoke deeply to many, and people were particularly moved by the pictures of her bitten nails. Check out some of the comments below, and feel free to share your own thoughts on the matter!


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