In Order To Become A Better Person You MUST Learn These 5 Brutal Truths About Life

In Order To Become A Better Person You MUST Learn These 5 Brutal Truths About Life

It is necessary for us to deal with the obstacles life puts in our path, and it doesn’t help if we deny them, because they will always be there and stand in our way.

In this article, we will tell you 5 truths about life that will help you in fulfilling your dreams. Happiness is based on adopting and accepting the negative aspects of life, according to Buddhism, and if you deny them, you just oppose the fundamental forces of the universe.

1. Caring too much about things is worthless

If we worry too much about our problems, we are just wasting our time doing nothing productive. Remaining in the present without thinking too much about the “future happiness” is better, says Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh.

He explains that worrying will not accomplish anything because even if someone worries 100 times more, it will change nothing. It can only make things worse, and the point is not to change things immediately but to know that we try our best to do things better. The most important thing is to breathe, smile and enjoy life as it is. He is happy, because he doesn’t ask for anything else other than he has, and he doesn’t aim or run after things, he just enjoys being in the present.

2. Everything changes: whether you encourage it or not

People need to understand that everything around them, including themselves, changes constantly. And sooner one realizes that sooner will he embrace these changes and use the energy and freeing given by them and create a fulfilling life.

He explains that Buddhism teaches us that everything is in a continuous change, and it is to us to decide whether we will be changed passively, or we will take the lead and make the changes ourselves. Winter, night and death symbolize the self-protection and conservatism, while spring, morning and birth symbolize the attempt to understand things as they are.

3. We have to live in the present if we want to be happy

According to Buddhist philosophy, we must see reality for what it is. We need to be open-minded to the truth, instead of focusing on our own unrealistic opinions. We must confront negative situations to find the real happiness.

Only when we approach things with open mind, and we are open to the truth, we will remain positive. Buddhist philosophy teaches us that we must see the reality as what it is, and confront our problems. Buddhist master Pema Chodron explains that there are two options in life: to question your beliefs – or to trust them. The best use of human’s life is to stay open to the reality and to train to separate the assumptions and beliefs.

4. Inner peace comes with being satisfied with things just as they are

The pursuit of temporary feelings of happiness, joy and euphoria turns people into the state of suffering and anxiety. The feeling of being happy with your true self, and being satisfied with things just as they are, are the things that will bring you inner peace and true happiness. Only by understanding the impermanent nature of the feelings will stop the suffering, says Yuval Noah Harari.

5. Meditate to clear your mind

Meditation practices are a very good way to reduce the suffering. They teach us that everything is moving and that only things that exist are the present. The point of Buddhist meditation is to observe your own body and mind, and realizing that it is pointless to pursue your feelings because they are changing endlessly. Only when the pursuit stops, you will become very relaxed, satisfied with yourself and with a clear mind. Instead of fantasizing about what might have been, you should understand that only in the present is where you are.


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