Indian Actress Told To Change Religion After Posting Bikini Pictures

Indian Actress Told To Change Religion After Posting Bikini Pictures

The popular Indian TV actress Sara Khan, 29, recently uploaded photos of herself taken while on holiday in Dubai, UAE, and Goa, India. Even though most of her followers praised her appearance, there were some people that disagreed with her choice of outfit.

Fellow Muslim Instagramers did not like the fact that she posted photos of herself in bikini, and some even told her that she should change her religion.

A commenter wrote:

“I think you forget you are muslim.. You change your relegious because in Islamic relegiousThese dress can not allowed.”

Another person added:

“U are Muslim fear Allah. She mite as well sell her body for doin this disgustin pics sharam Kar ur Muslim not white girl”

Several other persons commented that Sara should be ashamed of herself and she should change her religion. Apparently, she was their inspiration but now they hate her and Allah will punish her for that “shameful act”.

The TV actress replied to some of the comments by saying:

 “We respect each one of you, we respect your thoughts, we respect what you feel but you guys should respect us too. We don’t do any wrong purposely.”

Ms. Khan also works as a model, and she rose to fame starring on the famous Indian soap opera ‘Sapna Babul Ka…Bidaai’, where she played one of the main characters for over three years.

She was also a contestant on the Indian version of Big Brother in 2010, and she married TV actor Ali Merchant while on the show.

However, they divorced just two months after their marriage, with people claiming that the pair were paid 5 million rupees ($72,000) just to get married on live TV.


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