“Influencer” Bride Asks For Free Wedding Photography, Gets Destroyed With Sarcastic Response

“Influencer” Bride Asks For Free Wedding Photography, Gets Destroyed With Sarcastic Response

Instagram “influencers” (I really don’t like that word) have become the reality TV stars of our generation,  and we often get lost in their “authentic” posts. Oh, but there’s always a special place for documenting those special moments, like weddings and engagements.

Goop employee Marissa Fuchs was followed by almost 195,000 people on her six-day scavenger hunt last week, and it ended up in a “surprise” wedding. It was all orchestrated by her partner Gabriel Grossman, and the pair alleged that everything was done without her knowledge.

However, it was all good for them until the Atlantic published a piece by Taylor Lorenz, in which it was revealed how the whole extravaganza was set-up.

Multiple brand marketers had received a PDF of a pitch deck before the proposal “in the context of a potential sponsorship”.

Even though this might seem like a one-of-a-kind scheme, the “social media influencer” culture has been doing this for years.

For example, one “influencer” had their agent reach out to a videography and photography company, hoping that they will get their special day documented for social media for free. In exchange, they offered exposure on social media. However, everything went downhill for them when it was pointed out that they didn’t have the level of following as Fuchs has.

Company Betrothed and Co, who specializes in wedding photography, was contracted by an agent named Melissa. They later shared the screenshots of their conversation, and the conversation has since gained a lot of popularity on Reddit. Check out the screenshots for yourself below:

No further screenshots have been shared, and we are not aware who the client in the name is. However, people on Reddit were quick to react to the story:


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