Instagram Model And Mom Claims She Was Fired Many Times For Being ‘Too Attractive’

Instagram Model And Mom Claims She Was Fired Many Times For Being ‘Too Attractive’

A popular Instagram model that has been earning $60,000 by posting ‘explicit’ content online claims that she has been fired from multiple office jobs for being “too pretty”.

Stephanie Villagomez is a 29-year-old mom from Florida that works as a content creator on Instagram and a popular adults-only service named OnlyFans, and she claims that she has been forced to leave several jobs because of ‘jealous colleagues’. Villagomez is the mom of the 11-year-old Destiny, and she told Mail Online that her boss was once forced to fire her from the company because his wife became very jealous of her looks.

The Instagram star opened up about her experience as a waitress at a restaurant, where she was forced to leave by her co-workers. According to her, they “hated her because the guys that would come at the place to eat would always request her to help them out, and she was always earning more tips than her co-workers”. To add to that, the owner liked her so much that she was able to get the position within a week, rather than months, which is the expected time for someone new to the business.

Villagomez claims that she had to quit several jobs because she was tired of her co-workers always talking about her or doing things to make her job harder. She believes that her good looks backfire for her, and her female co-workers often end up not talking to her, let alone help her with anything.

At the next job Stephanie managed to land, she wouldn’t wear any makeup and she went to work in baggy clothes, but things ended catastrophically when the owner’s wife developed a dislike for her too, so he had to fire her.

Villagomez’s boss would give her extra hours and pay her extra because she did her job well, but his wife started to hate her, and she started making Stephanie do things she didn’t have to do, and would talk to her like she was stupid. At one point, the wife told her husband, Stephanie’s boss, that it was either herself or Stephanie, so he had to let her go.

Thankfully, the young mother was contacted by a photographer that promised her she could make a lot of money with her curvacious body and gorgeous looks. The young mother was scared and nervous at first, but willing to try anything at that point, so she started up a premium Snapchat, which made her $20,000 in one night. So, the photographer suggested she starts on OnlyFans, and her life was completely changed since she did it. She’s now her own boss, sets her own rules and makes more than $60,000 a month.

In the beginning, it was hard for her to tell her family what she was doing, and she faced backlash, particularly from her father, who questioned her career.

At the end of the day, though, everyone realized that her new online job turned her (and her daughter’s) life around, and she’s very proud of her work and how far she’s come.


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