Intimate Photo Captures Rarely Seen Moment As A Tribute To Labor Nurses

Intimate Photo Captures Rarely Seen Moment As A Tribute To Labor Nurses

Many moms will tell you that the time spent in the hospital after you give birth is kind of a blur. The reason behind it is actually unknown: maybe new mothers intentionally try to forget some of the hardest parts of postpartum, or they are overwhelmed by the realization that they gave birth to a baby. However, the reality is that it’s a very vulnerable time, and we rely on nurses so much for things that we have probably never relied on another human until then.

The nurses often get forgotten, and they are the ones that help us to the bathroom and patiently wait for us, they show us how to use the giant pads, they clean after us in the bathrooms, and so on. I mean, we really, really have to thank them, and one writer reminded us just how amazing nurses are!

She shared a photo that captured the intimate time a new mother a nurse share, and it gained an extreme amount of popularity.

This is what writer Jill Krause of the blog Baby Rabies shared:

The photo features Dawn Moravec, RN at Clark Memorial Hospital, providing the most intimate care for her patient.
You probably don’t even remember if you thanked these women, because you were so tired.

Katie Lacer is a photographer and a mom of three herself, and she often documents the birth experience for women, so it struck a chord.

She told Scary Mommy that she just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and she hit the shutter. Once she got home, she realized that it could be any mom out there, with any nurse, and in any hospital. This is another important part of every birth story, and it doesn’t get told very often.


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