It’s Official: Women Really Are Better Drivers Than Men

It’s Official: Women Really Are Better Drivers Than Men

According to Insurethebox, a pay-as-you-go insurer, their analysis of 4.5 billion miles of driving data have revealed that women drive much safer than men, who are actually much more likely to rack up the bill.

Their analysis also showed that women are especially safer drivers when it comes to speeding. Men are 46% more likely to speed than women, and young men (17-25) are the biggest culprits – speeding even 55% more than young women.

Younger the drivers, bigger the gap, their analysis reveals. 17-year-old men speed up to 76% more than women of the same age, and women were also found to be the safest gender when it comes to driving in the dark.

Young men drive 28% more than young women in the dark, and driving in the dark is significantly more dangerous than driving during daytime.
According to the company, almost 25% of accidents happen between midnight and 5 AM.

And, when it comes to road safety, young men in Scotland are the biggest offenders of speeding. They are four times more likely to speed than women of all ages in the UK.

Naomi Little from Insurethebox explained that speed is the single biggest contributor to driving risk, and it seems that it’s also the biggest differentiator between men and women drivers.

She added that drivers who speed 20% of the time increase their risk of being in an accident by 87%.

However, no matter who is driving, drivers must drive up to the speed limit, and make every journey a safe one!


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