Jack Ma, China’s Richest Man Set To Donate 1M Face Masks And 500k Coronavirus Test Kits To US

Jack Ma, China’s Richest Man Set To Donate 1M Face Masks And 500k Coronavirus Test Kits To US

Jack Ma, the founder of e-commerce company Alibaba and China’s richest man announced that he would donate one million face masks and 500,000 coronavirus test kits to the U.S.
He said that he would send out the donations to help U.S. citizens ‘immediately’, and explained that based on the counter-epidemic experience they’ve gained in the past months, quick and accurate test solutions and protective equipment for medical workers are the key goods to stop the epidemic from escalating.

He hopes that these supplies will help some people in the U.S., as this is a big epidemic challenge that we’re facing, and it’s no longer a challenge any country can overcome by itself. We must face it together, hand-in-hand.

The only way to defeat this disaster is to share resources without judgment, and exchange counter-epidemic experience and lessons.

The 55-year-old businessman also announced yesterday that he would be sending out 1.8 million face masks and 100,000 coronavirus test kits to the European countries hardest hit by the virus, including Italy and Spain.
He noted that he learned that the eWTP (The Electronic World Trade Platform) hub in Europe’s Liege Airport is operating well, and they can act as a lifeline to assist them to deliver their continuous aids to Europe and those in need.

Ma donated 100 million yuan, ($14 million) to Chinese scientists who are working on a vaccine for the virus back in January and said in a statement that the funds would be used “to support the development of a coronavirus vaccine”, adding that 20 million yuan ($2.8 million) would go to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering for the current research and development of virus vaccines.

The Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, and Director General of the WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that pandemic is not a word to use lightly or carelessly and that we’ve never before seen a pandemic sparked by a coronavirus, nor we have ever seen a pandemic that can be controlled at the same time.
WHO urges countries to take aggressive and urgent action, and they’ve rung the alarm bell loud and clear.


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