Keanu Reeves Made The Year of an 80-Year-Old Woman Who Had a Crush On Him

Keanu Reeves Made The Year of an 80-Year-Old Woman Who Had a Crush On Him

Keanu Reeves is one of the nicest men in Hollywood – there’s no doubt about it. From looking after his colleagues on movie sets to funding children’s medical care, taking photos with fans, and generally being nice to people – it seems like he is generally a more-than decent human being.

Well, one person recently shared yet another heartwarming Keanu Reeves story. This time, the John Wick star called up their grandmother – who loves Reeves – and spoke to her for a few minutes to cheer her up.

The person took it to Reddit to share that their grandmother has had a crush on Keanu Reeves because he reminded her of their grandfather when he was young.

In the last decade, her main hobby has been watching movies, and her favorite actor has been Keanu Reeves. So, not long after the ne Matrix came out, the Redditor’s uncle was in LA and was eating at a ‘really swanky’ restaurant when Keanu came in with a woman. The uncle approached the actor when he finished his meal and told him that his mother had a crush on him. So, Reeves took it one step further and asked the uncle if he could call his mother to talk to her. So, he spoke with the grandma for several minutes, and absolutely made her year!

Nevertheless, we invite you to check out the story for yourself below.

Expectedly, the story warmed the hearts of many, and everyone praised Keanu for his kindness and courtesy.
Well done, Keanu Reeves!

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