Kelly McGillis Wasn’t Included In New “Top Gun” Movie Because She “Dared To Age”

Kelly McGillis Wasn’t Included In New “Top Gun” Movie Because She “Dared To Age”

You’ve probably already heard that the mega-popular movie Top Gun is getting a sequel that will be named Top Gun: Maverick, and there are many fan-favorite actors coming back, exclusively Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer.
However, Kelly McGillis, the actress that played the leading female role in the 1986 original movie said that she was never even contacted when asked if she was returning.

McGillis told Entertainment Tonight that they did not contact her, nor she believes they would ever, because, as she says, she’s “old and fat and she looks age-appropriate for what her age is, and not what the whole scene is about”.

In fact, McGillis, aged 62, is just a few years older than Tom Cruise, who is 57, and Val Kilmer, who is 59.

McGillis played the role of Charlie Blackwood, an astrophysicist that happened to be Cruise’s training school instructor and love interest.

Tom Cruise’s love interest in the new movie will be played by Jennifer Connelly, who is 48.

McGillis doesn’t seem to mind that she wasn’t included in the new movie for her part, and she said that she would much rather feel absolutely secure in her skin and who she is at her age than place a value on all that other stuff.

When asked why she decided to leave the whole Hollywood life, she said that her priorities in life changed, and even though she loves acting, her relationships to other people became far more important to her than her relationship to fame.


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