Lace Shorts & Shirts Will Keep Men Chilled This Summer

Lace Shorts & Shirts Will Keep Men Chilled This Summer

Men’s fashion has become a risky game as of late.
A perfect example of this are the chequered tailored trousers, matched with tan loafers.

Well, let us introduce you to the next big thing: the lace shorts, combined with the lace shirt!

Oh, and let’s not forget the jumpsuit too!

Laugh all you want, but we’ll see who will be laughing when July comes and every John is rocking them and feeling cool AF. (yes, we will be laughing again)

The masterminds behind this “genius” lace two-pieces are Hologram City, an LA-based company. They recently launched their see-through collection called “Lace Me Up”, and the pieces come in pink, blue, purple, black, and white.
The colorful combination will set you back $84 for both the pieces, as they are $42 each.

The white ones are a bit cheaper, at $38 for the shirt and $35 for the shorts.

Not a fan of a lace shirt? No worries!

The company even created a black lacy jumpsuit, at a price of $74!

The shorts have three pockets, they’re practical, and they enable you to stand out from the crowd. What more would a guy want, right?


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