Large Number Of People Still Think Breastfeeding In Public Is ‘Inappropriate’, Survey Shows

Large Number Of People Still Think Breastfeeding In Public Is ‘Inappropriate’, Survey Shows

A recent survey about public nursing and pumping that has been conducted by the makers of Aeroflow Breast Pumps has brought up some depressing news about equality, understanding, sexism, and the progress of society.
As it turns out, a large number of Americans don’t think that women should breastfeed in public, have a private place to pump breast milk at work, or even have any reasonable way to nurse their baby.
The company asked 1,000 households last month in order to find out more about the public opinion on breastfeeding and pumping, and the numbers are rather shocking.

Believe it or not, 61 percent of Americans don’t think moms should openly nurse their babies in public, and 25 percent think that it’s inappropriate to breastfeed or pump in public.
More than 60 percent of people asked don’t think that women should be able to breastfeed their babies in a restaurant, and 25 percent don’t think that companies should provide private locations for moms to pump milk.

Things get even worse when you count out women out of the equation. Only 55 percent of men think that employers should provide a lactation room for moms, and 21 percent of men don’t think that women should get time off to pump.

What’s shocking is that more women than men think that women shouldn’t be allowed to breastfeed in public, and Jennifer Jordan, Director of Mom and Baby of Aeroflow Healthcare said in a press release that it’s discouraging that new moms still do not have the broad support from both men and women in the U.S. She believes that these attitudes make it challenging for women to confidently return to work, run tasks, or even visit a restaurant without the fear of being shamed by others.

She added that they hope this study will raise awareness of the pressure and discomfort new moms endure when trying to feed their babies in public and causes the population to develop an appreciation and sensitivity towards these women.

Being a mom is very hard by itself, but being surrounded by critics does not help one bit.


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