Couple Adopts Three Separated Brothers So They Can Grow Up Together

Couple Adopts Three Separated Brothers So They Can Grow Up Together

KC and Lena Currie are a lesbian couple from Sudbury, Massachusetts, that decided to adopt a baby after they saw a photo of the then-18-month-old Joey at an adoption event that was hosted by Children’s Friend, and the couple immediately knew that Joey would be a great fit for them.

What they didn’t know, however, is that they would be adopting 2 more little boys soon enough.

Lena recently told Good Morning America about their decision to adopt baby Joey.
They were at an event hosted by the non-profit Child’s friend and they saw the then-18-month-old baby Joey. They immediately knew that he was a perfect match for them, and the baby joined the couple the following March and quickly settled in.

Just when the three were getting used to life as a family, Lena and KC received another call from Children’s Friend. They were informed that Joey’s youngest brother needed to be placed in a foster home, so they decided to adopt him too. Baby Noah was just 6 weeks old at the time, and just a month after he came to live with the family, they were informed that Joey and Noah have a middle sibling, Logan.

As it turns out, Logan was supposed to be adopted by the foster family with whom he was currently living, but the adoption plans fell through at the last minute. So, the family decided to reunite the three brothers.

KC said that it was their gut-feeling, and they immediately knew that they were going to end up saying yes, because keeping the brothers together was of utter importance for everyone involved.

Lena added that the boys call them Mama and Mommy, and the Curries have been praised by Children’s Friend director of adoption and family services, Veronica Listerud, for their flexibility and willingness to bring the boys back together as a family.


May I live to see the dat when the title to this article is that a COUPLE adopt three brothers. Love is love, where to show love and compassion for these brothers.

Great hearts!! if more of us committed acts of love and kindness imagine what this world could be like. thank you KC and Lena, we need more people like you to lead the way.

My wife and I wish you and your wonderful family a lifetime of joy and happiness x

Sexual orientation does not matter. This is a wonderful story that should be celebrated.

I was thinking that my self…as long as there is love for them boys it don’t matter what gender their parents are. They all are blessed to have each other. Thank you Ladies for having such a heart of Gold. May being parents bring you lots of Joy but just know you will have heart ache when they grow up and move out of your home because you will wish them to little again.

As a women who was adopted at the age of 1 it gives me hope since I was fortunate to grow up with my biological brother that there are good people out there who would do the same and not separate siblings so I’m very proud of this couple for adopted all 3 and keeping the brothers together it takes a loving family to take on that roll and it melts my heart to hear this more and more every day so amazing these two women adopt 3 most people only adopt one not knowing how much hurt and heartache u put on both or all siblings I’m grateful for u both ur awesome parents and people way to go for adopting all 3 very touching and them kids will be very loved and in the end so worth it I found my biological parents at the age of 18 and my adopted parents passed away in 2014 and 2015 to me those are my parents and always will be no matter what people dont understand what a big impact u make on our lives when u adopt kids from foster care or an orphanage w.e the case it.means alot to us to have a family to.belong and to.mean something to some so beautiful they get to experience this with 3 be handsome little boys u guys make a difference thann you for adopting them and making them you’re own

God bless you both. This is what love truly looks like.

God bless them all

Wonderful story. As a man that always wanted children and do not have any this is so sweet. I would have done it without hesitation. I would adopt but it is so expensive. Wish I could afford to do so.

Adam, please look into foster care.

God bless all of you. Love is love. I proud of you both!

I agree with all the lovely positive comments. It is wonderful that a loving couple adopted all three boys. At this point it should still be remembered that there are places that don’t permit lesbian or gay couples to adopt. Hopefully, the attention to their sexual orientation creates a more positive atmosphere for the ability of gay and lesbian couples to be able to adopt in all states.

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