Lesbian Couple Kicked Out Of Car Over A Kiss On Cheek By Christian Uber Driver

Lesbian Couple Kicked Out Of Car Over A Kiss On Cheek By Christian Uber Driver

Even though it’s 2019, it sometimes feels like we live in 1819, especially when it comes to progressive acceptance.

Not only that our president is systematically degrading LGBTQ people and even pressing to make hating against gay people legal in businesses, housing, etc., but bigots also disrupt other people’s everyday safety and comfort just for being gay.

Kristin Michele and Jenn Mangan are a couple that took an Uber on Friday night to a Zac Brown Band concert in Camden.
Michele just kissed Mangan on the cheek, at which point the Uber driver stopped the car and told them to get out of the vehicle.

Michele said that she doesn’t understand what’s going on, but the Uber driver told her that she can’t ride with that, and she was mad that the couple kissed.
She then said “I won’t have that”, at which point Michele started recording.

Michele asks the Uber driver if she’s kicking her out because she’s gay, and the driver responds that yes, she’s doing exactly that.
She added that she was a Christian woman who “didn’t believe in that”.

The driver even said that she’s going to call the police, but she never did because the couple eventually got out of the car and took the train to the concert.

The couple reached out to Uber and were told that the company will address the incident, but they weren’t told how.
Even though what happened to Michele and Mangan was terrible, they say that they received a huge wave of support after they posted the video.

Mangan said that people have been nothing but supportive of their lifestyle, and they continue to support them.


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