Lesbian Parents Of Toddler With Stage 4 Cancer Received The Most Disgusting Message Ever

Lesbian Parents Of Toddler With Stage 4 Cancer Received The Most Disgusting Message Ever

It breaks out hearts when we see children fighting for their lives instead of enjoying their life and playing, and this is a story about such a child.

The eighteen-month-old Callie June is currently battling advanced neuroblastoma – cancer that has metastasized to her lymph nodes and bones. She needs 18 months of chemo and radiation treatment, a bone marrow transplant, and a surgery in the future in order to remove the tumor once it has shrunk down.

The girl is currently in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and she was diagnosed with cancer on New Year’s Day. The family found out that she was at stage 4, however, on January 8, and a GoFundMe has been started for her called named “Callie’s Crusaders”. The goal is $75,000, and over $53k has been raised already.

The baby girl Callie has been adopted by her lesbian mothers Albree and Tiffany and since the diagnose, Albree has stopped working her multiple jobs in order to stay in the hospital with the girl, while Tiffany is working as much as possible to also take care of their other child.

However, the last thing that one needs in between all this hardship and misery is hateful words from someone.
This is what Callie’s parents received as a message on her page, and they shared it on the Facebook page set up for their family and friends:

We believe this is the most disgusting thing you’ve read in a while, right?

This is how people responded to this nasty commenter who goes by the name Bren Marie:

Thankfully, the family informed the followers in the most recent update that Callie will be starting round 5 of chemo on Monday, and the doctors have said that there will be no need for round 6 after that stem cell transplant, as 98% of her tumor is gone.


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