Little Angry Man Gets Mad At Tall Woman During An Interview

Little Angry Man Gets Mad At Tall Woman During An Interview

A short angry man in a bagel shop recently unleashed a rant about women that, apparently, mock his height on dating sites.

Witnesses say that the man was mumbling to himself and saying degrading things towards all of the female staff. However, people confronted him when he got louder, and that’s when things got interesting.

Diana Reyes is a woman that recorded the rant, and this is what she posted on Facebook:

The angry man was saying rude things about the female staff and women in general, and then asked another customer what they are going to do about it.

The customer tackled him down, and the angry man whined that the guy “twice his size” took him down.

Diana said that 6 police officers arrived at the scene, and the angry man kept yelling at the officer, who was a woman.
It wasn’t until a man came and calmed him down.

The man, however, threw down his breakfast and didn’t pay for it.
Suffolk County police says that officers responded at Bagel Boss store at 9:20 a.m., and no one was arrested.

This is what the owner of the Bay Shore, New York Bagel Boss wrote:

And this is the video, so you can watch it for yourself:


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