London Zoo Will Hold A Pride Celebration For Their Gay Penguins

London Zoo Will Hold A Pride Celebration For Their Gay Penguins

London Zoo is about to hold the world’s first penguin Pride parade in order to coincide with the human event that is about to take place next weekend.

The famous gay penguin couples that reside in Regent’s Park Zoo will get to celebrate Pride Month along with everyone else, and zookeepers gave an interesting banner in their honor.

In order to announce this momentous decision, they made a banner that read “Some penguins are gay, get over it”.

The banner mimics the campaign run by equal rights charity Stonewall named “Get Over It”.

You might remember the two penguins Ronnie and Reggie, who got together in 2014.
They even adopted an egg that had been abandoned by another penguin couple a year later, and the zoo explains that the two have been together since 2014. They shared parenting duties over their chick Kyton until he fledged the nest, and they remain as strong as ever.

Ronnie and Reggie share their home with 91 other penguins, including fellow gay-couples Nadja and Zimmer and Dev and Martin.

An aquarium in Ireland revealed last month that more than half of their penguins were in gay relationships, and quite a few of their Gentoo penguins had also adopted chicks and raised them together.

The zoo will be holding a special Pride-themed night on July 5th, and visitors will be able to learn about gender, mating, and gay couples within the animal kingdom.

There’s also a “Rainbow Families” event planned too, and it will see drag queen performers share their stories about loving who you want and being who you are.


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