Luxury Hijab Collection Comes As A Game-Changer For Muslim Fashionistas

Luxury Hijab Collection Comes As A Game-Changer For Muslim Fashionistas

Melanie Elturk is a woman that grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, and she found it very hard to find hijabs she felt confident in back at the time. Stores like H&M and American Eagle didn’t sell different scarf styles back then, and the only options at the mall were neck scarves. So, Elturk told Bustle that she was forced to wear dull hijabs from overseas that cramped her style and made it very hard for her to be confident.

According to her, the lack of hijab options in the market wasn’t just a lack of clothing-based representation, but it was also a message to Muslim girls and women that they couldn’t take pride in their religious identities.
Elturk wanted to fill that gap, and she founded Haute Hijab in 2010, together with her husband Ahmed Zedan. Elturk incorporated “American-side” fashion to her collections, and she wanted to show that the hijab was not separate from American culture, but actually a part of it.

She said that she’s an American, born in Detroit, and she identifies the most with American culture above her Lebanese and Filipino roots. And while she is proud of where her parents come from, her American identity is the strongest after her Muslim identity, so being able to design a collection that celebrated this felt amazing to her.

Haute Hijab has just released its first luxury collection, and, as the brand says, it’s the first luxury hijab collection ever.

Elturk found a gap in the market back in 2009, when she realized that she couldn’t find the right hijab to go with her engagement day outfit. So, she decided to bring it to the market through Haute Hijab.

According to her, the hijab should rise to the occasion and transform one, and not hold back their outfit. So, Haute Hijab’s new five-piece collection is exactly that: hand-crafted hijabs made from 100 percent silk, incorporating beautiful details like delicate tulle and hand-cut lace, accompanied by designs made out of Swarovski crystals.

Being a luxury line, the Haute Hijabs comes with luxury pricing, starting from $250 to $325, which is a very different price from their everyday collections, which cost around $20. However, this five-piece collection is meant to be worn with special-occasion attire, so the price tag makes more sense.


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