Maid Of Honor Dresses Up As A Dinosaur Crashes Her Sister’s Wedding

Maid Of Honor Dresses Up As A Dinosaur Crashes Her Sister’s Wedding

Everyone wants their wedding day to be just perfect.
The ceremony, the arrangement, the flowers, the food, the band… the ultimate goal is everything to go well and according to plan.
However, not many weddings end up going according to the initial plan, and more often than not things happen.
One of the things that you can’t control are the outfits of the guests (even though some brides have tried it), and we all know that some people are ready to do anything to grab all the attention to themselves.

Christina A. Meador was recently a proud maid of honor, and she shared the outfit she decided to wear to her sister’s wedding.
You see, the thing was that her sister told her that she could wear whatever she wanted, thinking that she will have one less responsibility in planning the wedding.
Christina, however, saw this as an opportunity for something else.

Something very, very funny.

Check out Christina’s outfit for the day:

Christina decided to prank her sister by wearing a giant inflatable dinosaur costume to her wedding!

She later shared the photo of her costume on Facebook, where it quickly got thousands of likes and shares. People absolutely loved the joke and praised Christina for her pranking skills.


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